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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 17, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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band has become a sensation a judge set the of girls band " present " because of our protest in moscow's main cathedral the demand that potent go international criticism is growing louder bottom and that the women of the pomp rock group pussy riot stood in a glass cage as they heard the verdict in a moscow court room the judge found them guilty of hooliganism and inciting religious hatred and sends them to two years in prison. in february burst into moscow's main cathedral and belted out an anti-government protest song calling on the virgin mary to throw the russian president out of office he has close ties to the russian orthodox church and is cracking down on dissent and
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free-speech. the all female punk band captures the attention protests are going on throughout the bay area in justin herman plaza and san francisco peerin. this afternoon in demonstrators press like band members. most of my russian friends will not be here to support me they are afraid i'm a little bit afraid celebrities like paul mccartney and madonna call on the band members to be free the women have been jailed for five months and not clear if they'll get credit for time served the white house said it was disappointed by the verdict calling the sense disproportionately harsh appalled released today and that
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latimer prudence popularity is the lowest rating ever juliette goodrich cbs 5 people camp out in the east bay not because it is a nice night, they are waiting to buy homes that have not gone on the market yet christin ayers and san ramon people say this is the chance of a lifetime. this is something we have not seen since the real-estate boom years of 2005/2006 people camping out all to snap up of home when the newest batch hits the market tomorrow. with been here for two weeks with kantor day and night we are number one on the list and get the plot of our choice this will be my fourth day in a row the people camping here day and night for weeks have one goal to have this beautiful
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house that we have been waiting for so long this brand new subdivision goes on the market to more of these buyers want first crack in a competitive market that means breaking out the tent. it is like of the drop and competitive this realtor has worked here 34 years and says the market has not been this competitive since before the housing market burst inventory has been shrinking the market this has been down to 70-80 lower interest rates are shrinking low inventory across the area currently there are 4000 homes on the market in the bay area if 57 percent your than last year which is why buyers hire people to wait in mind when new homes, on the market. they hired me to be here 24 hours a day she is wetting herself along
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with their children and investment she says worth the wait on average most bay area homes sit on the market for 14 days but i must tell you these will be going faster than that. in the last six weeks or so things have gone crazy all over the bay area and we did a story multiple offers 12-20 offers on holmes. that is what we hear, at best to do with low interest rates people know this is the time to take advantage the man not be around for long. a high risk sex offender escaped from a mental health as of that facility is on the loose, derek sanders has a history of violence and as a case pending in san mateo county for an offense against a minor. he was reported missing this morning from the mental health
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facility in redwood city faugh he escaped through an elevator shaft last seen warner red polo shirt and blue jeans. this weekend marks the end of a project named after a boy neighbors telling us is a long time, and the pedestrian over crossing bridge goes up on blossom hill road in san jose that is where mark sayre is tonight workers in the next hour will close down to monterey road so they can complete the over a crossing which was born from the tragedy. the trains rolled through and full speed along railroad tracks shared by caltrans and amtrak in south san jose in this part of the city west of highway 11 the tracks divide busy commercial and residential areas.
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residents liked as r.h. smith and her brother take a shortcut across the tracks which they admit is dangerous. i have a concern, i always look and listen in november 2005 at 2 year- old boy was killed along these tracks we was drawn across with his babysitter the babysitter was charged in the death and sentenced to probation but now seven years later is a permanent solution nearly complete. this over crossing a significant it allows safe passage the center is a city councilman says a jet up and improve safety oftentimes people underestimate the speed of trains that look like they are far away but they're going 70 mi. an hour the crossings occur every
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few minutes as people get from one side to the other and this man says shall be happy when the new overpass is open. it'd be nice if they get it open this weekend a free and the prefabricated footprint footbridge will go across the roadway, this whole project expected to open in one month it will be called " ms. sanders crossing " after the boy who lost his life. mark sayre cbs 5 the romney camp turns down an offer from president obama regarding his tax returns. the president's campaign manager sent a letter promising to back off the issue moot if romney agreed to release five years of returns romney said his personal taxes are not what voters care about. given the challenges
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america faces 23 million out of court, it round about to be a nuclear the fascination with taxes i pay if i find to be small minded. in 2010 he paid a lower federal tax rate than congressman paul ryan he paid a tax rate of 16% romney paid 14%. facebook stop a new low shares fell to $19 today. that means the company has lost half its market value since it went public in may. apple stock hit a new high today after a four month debt shares peaked at $644 a share investors looking ahead to new i phone and new ipad. after a year job gains the bay area lost more than 26,000 jobs last month and a less colet
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and unexpected turnaround and his swim in particularly hard elaine quijano and explains the gender gap. did you think it difficult to find a job o no she decided to take an early retirement from her job as a social worker in 2007 she thought she would have time to volunteer their expenses over one savings she has been looking for full-time work for two years and i had sleepless nights, i wake up at 3:00 and thank all my gosh i have to pay property taxes women the majority of clients at this philadelphia career center more women have part-time finding work at job fairs. according to a review of government statistics 2.7 million jobs created since the recovery began in june 2009 but
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567,000 have gone to women. the deficit for african american women even greater the number of unemployed black woman has increased by 171,000 since june 2009. thousand people live here have work histories and experience and were not able to find employment men take new jobs in industries where women have traditionally worked like retail another major factor cuts in government jobs were 57 percent of workers are women. to get discouraged? and i get frustrated, and times i get discouraged i know i'm looking for help still it will take time to close the gender gap economists
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predict it might take three years or more to get america's unemployed women back to work. elaine quijano philadelphia the city is pretending and i cannot pretend these issues away would you live some place that is radio act of a lot of people well now that the navy fesses up about the fall past of a that big housing project is planned. bicyclist across the bay area have four stories from erode tonight the big city giving them a new way to fight back against bad drivers losing too much weight to quickly can be dangerous there is a way to get slim fast and stay healthy dr. kim on the foods you should eat twice as much up. clouds come in from the south and shocking weather for
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the bay area some flash
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police in south bay released video of a six-figure burglary, you can see two men breaking into the fry's electronics store in campbell and stealing ipods and iphones worth more than $163,000. investigators are warning people if they buy these apple products online they think the thieves will try to sell them on ebay or craigslist. it may be worse than we
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thought and report from the navy details sites on treasure island that may be tainted with radioactive waste joe vasquez says this could be trouble for the plans of new homes on the former naval base. the view from treasure island is always seen it but turn the camera in word the signs are everywhere radioactivity left over from the time it was a navy base an issue that will not go away. a lot of kids and families a big concern this resident concerned about new reports of radioactive contamination the navy had made its is more widespread than ever previously disclosed. the report said seven additional sites on treasure island may be contaminated from work done on ships in the 1940's some ships could have absorbed radiation from nuclear tests in the
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pacific the navy didn't extensive surveys back in 2006 earlier this year a department of health official insisted the navy's report in complete, that state report obtained by cbs 5, says these findings point out the existing treasure island report does not adequately address the extent of materials on site. san francisco's supervisors says he and other activists have raised the issue about possible contamination time and again he and others filed a lawsuit against the city. the city insists treasure island is safe. residence today and are told they cannot grow food and vegetables in the soil there because it is contaminated the city is pretending and i cannot pretend the issue away there are several agencies
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from the city and state to federal including u.s. navy i reached out to they said it what to make it clear they believe there is no danger here to the public at treasure island and they're working carefully as they have for years to clean up the island to make sure safety is a priority. joe vasquez cbs 5 bicyclist recover tonight after a driver attacked him in a case of road rage this happened in santa rosa police say a wrote in to the oakmont golf course after a driver yelled at him, the elderly driver followed him onto the course with his car and hit him. the bicyclist expected to survive police are looking for the driver. was in the year more stories about drivers and cyclists and badly in out on streets now len
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ramirez reports cyclists and one part of the bay have a new way to fight back. at a time when by writer ship in the bay area blows out i choose to go down sunnyvale by commuter found himself on the wrong exploding and when a car forced him off the road that resulted in me damaging my bike but also losing some skin which is mostly healed now all the way to my right arm he picked itself up and the driver drove a white but under a new ordinance future incidents may not have to end their in sunnyvale a bike friendly community the city added a section to city code that prevents harassment and deliberate endangerment by people driving cars it allows bike riders to sue in civil court and makes violators liable up to $1,000 in
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damages bottom line is we need to be safe and respectful weather on foot or in a vehicle or on a bicycle that is what is important he could have sued for medical expenses and bike repair cyclists like jim hall the ordinance makes the road safer. i think it is positive but i would just rather have the drivers more aware and for me the penalty not important as driver awareness and, to do that anymore than anyone else wants to go to court the presence of the law will make people aware and make it safer for everyone the ordinance once that sunnyvale has undertaken to make the city more bike friendly it has added 84 mi. of bike lanes. len ramirez cbs 5 high pressure over the four corners and as a result, let's
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look at the satellite, on time lapse you can see thunderstorms moved in front desert southwest, at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon victorville was dumped upon flash flood warnings they had 1 in. of line there is the result cars trying to cross flooded intersections. hurricanes tornados pete and this flash floods when you try to cross that it does not work. it has moved north now. watch time lapse it heads north and east of the bay area right now we see a few echoes picked up we get buildups late tonight and early tomorrow and potential for thunder bumper or two. you may have felt it in the air
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that humidity feels moisture. we don't get this in california with that low helping this southwesterly flow we will see buildups tomorrow and sticky in the bay area the numbers not necessarily warm, tomorrow covered with a blanket of clouds, from that we could squeeze out as sprinkle or two would not amount to much. overnight lows in the mid-50s, tomorrow might be a bit cooler, the upper seventies in south bay and in east bay a repeat performance of today will have
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raiders showed up in their preseason opener the offense struggled carson palmer froze in traffic he slips and for the intersection and returned palmer played the entire first half completing 13 of 24 passes for 1 97 yds cardinals went 31-27 the giants in san diego. he gets the scoring started with a solo homer the jains hand out 15 hits beat the padres 10-1. art how long in the coliseum the a's honor the 2002 team that won 20 straight games at cleveland
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gyms out to elite the a's rallied back just donaldson perfect 4/4 at the plate
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i need help right now. michael, what's wrong? i'm hurt. i have hurt myself! ohh, my god! okay, wait, wait, wait! oh, this is not looking good, pam! michael, do you need me to call an ambulance?!


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